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NUS recently started placing full-page ads in Straits Times.

I’m not aware of any official graduate employment survey from NUS this year (see SMU graduate employment), but the NUS ads say that the top 20% of NUS Business School with BBA Honours are getting an average starting pay of $5,046, with the “top salary hitting $11,500 before bonuses.” Another investment banker perhaps?

As for NUS engineering graduates, the “top earners (draw) a monthly salary of $8,000 before bonuses.”

What about the average of all graduates?


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  1. they didn’t say WHICH engineering.

    and even the most lucrative chemical engineering job at say, shell/esso, doesn’t get you started at $8k.

    most of us settle for $2.6k.

  2. Maybe the salary survey teams at NUS (and SMU) are “overly zealous” in generating nice numbers? It will be good if they can be more transparent, or even better, let some big-name auditors audit their surveys.

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  4. Perhaps it could be published that what job title/scope earns a graduate $5k to $10k a month.
    I think many graduates should know that when you go for interviews (for your first job), you are hardly offered anything above the so-called ” average salary” unless you are doing sales (where commission contributes a big part to your earning).

  5. NUS is just …..they’re just so kiasu n dont wanna be defeated by us, SMU…we’ve got the top grads with the top salaries…not NUS!!!

    SMU aint blaffin…NUS is so full of rubbish n !!

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  9. i don’t care which uni is better? SMU or NUS?
    i just want numbers so that i will be paid as i am worth.
    i don’t wanna be like an idiot who just takes whatever the employer gives him/her and laughs behind his back.
    I don’t want to be under-valued or over-valued but i really want to know my own value at my first interview.

  10. i have personally worked with and hired graduates from both NUS and SMU. SMU grads indeed speak and present well but NUS grads have more substance within. Alot of these SMU grads, but not all, can speak well but cannot deliver when it comes to the real deal. So if given the choice, i still prefer to work with or hire NUS grads.

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