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In Sunday Times’ “Me & My Money” column, Lorna Tan interviewed a network marketer who spends “an average of 15 hours a week” and makes as much as a lawyer.

Helen Tay was formerly a lawyer who worked 15-hours days. She now runs a network marketing firm.

What’s interesting is that the reporter alluded to the low success rate of network marketers by asking Helen:

Would you agree that you are in a minority in succeeding at network marketing?

Maybe only the ones at the top of the network marketing hierarchy can make enough? Does this explain why this successful ex-lawyer started her own network marketing firms instead of just participating in others?

My recommendation: if you want to do network marketing, consider starting at the top.


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  1. Just wanted to add a point of information, she did not start her own network marketing firm. In fact she joined a US based company called Agel.

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