More students opt for business courses


It’s reported in today’s Business Times that more students are applying for business courses in universities.

The survey conducted by JobsFactory, which runs Jobs Central and Career Central, shows that even once-popular courses like medicine and law now rank low in the eyes of graduating JC students.

In the survey, 2,407 students were asked to select their top 3 preferred courses of study in university.

The following are the most preferred courses, ranked in order of popularity (top being business studies and managment):

  1. Business Studies and Management
  2. Arts and Social Sciences
  3. Engineering
  4. Sciences
  5. Accounting
  6. Health Sciences, Medicine, Dentistry
  7. Biomedical and Life Sciences
  8. Law

What’s noteworthy is that 61% of the survey respondents did well in their A Levels exams, scoring at least 3 As. So the above courses of choice should give an indication of what above-average students would apply for.

Seems like everyone wants to be in business management these days.


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