IT Salary Benchmarks


As we brace ourselves for an IT job boom, here’s a ZDNet Asia report on IT employment trends in the region.

According to the report, the top 5 skills in demand are:

  1. Project management
  2. Business analysis
  3. Microsoft .NET
  4. J2EE (Java Enterprise Edition)
  5. General programming skill

Not surprisingly, the top industry is Legal & Finance, with an average annual salary of about $76,000 (SGD), followed by Government, Education & Health ($66,000), Manufacturing & Services ($63,000), IT, Web & Telecom ($60,700), and Media, Marketing & Sales ($59,500).

I hope the much-touted Digital Media industry is not part of “Media, Marketing & Sales” which earns the least.

The average annual income of an IT professional is $38,600 (SGD) if he has less than 5 years of experience, $61,700 if he is 5 to 10 years into IT, and a comfortable $98,500 if he is at least a 10-year veteran.

The “job function” that earns the most is IT Management, followed by Project Development, and then Systems Development.

I guess IT Management refers to being in the senior management positions overseeing IT operations and IT development in big companies. Whatever it means, I’m quite sure that being too technical (geeky) doesn’t get you far in terms of earning power.

You wanna make big money, you gotta be in management!


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  1. I am in IT industry.

    Yes, you have to be in Management.

    It’s easy to learn IT Skill, but management skill, you will be talking about managing people, project, budget, etc which there is no formula at all.

    Need to buckle up =)

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