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So, we now know some of the 110,000 foreigners in Singapore make more than $7k a month.

But from the discussions in the online forums frequented by expats, it seems they are paid much more. E.g. here and here.

And it seems $260k per annum is still not really enough… I quote the income/expenditure breakdown given by one of the forummers (he’s left with only $21k savings every year!):

Salary $260,000
Rent (2 or 3 BR – Dist 9, 10 11) $72,000
Utilities including cell Phone $12,000
Car New Accord, Carolla, Mazda $28,800
Pocket Money each @ 2X300 X 52 $31,200
Food @ $400 week $20,800
Entertainment @ $200 week $10,400
Sing Taxes @ @10% $26,000

Total (expenditure) $201,200
Balance for savings & Travel $58,800

If American US Taxes $37,671
Total if American $238,871
Balance if American $21,128.


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  1. It’s their fault for not spending wisely. Rental cost can be cheaper than that if willing to live somewhere else outside those expensive areas. Avoid having cars and take taxis instead (or bus!). Dining out also must be done in hawker centres.

    Anyway, for someone making that much but only left with less than 10% for savings, that’s pathetic.

  2. but hey! w/o them, the economy of sg will nt be growing as fast. who is going to pay for those expensive condo? where comes to housing bubble, where so of us make also double the money that we paid for rent? and… the implications if they leave us, unemployment rate? company? in fact, i think its good that they are spending more! i wld say spend more!

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