Buy low sell high


As simple as it sounds, it can be quite hard to actually execute the age old adage that you should always buy low and sell high. Or is it buy high and sell higher? 🙂

How do you know when is the right time to buy? After you buy, when should you sell?

Should you buy now in case prices move even higher in a few weeks’ time?

Or have you already missed the boat? Why didn’t you buy (or buy more) when prices were low?

Should you realize all your profits now and put all your cash in bonds, short-term time deposits, or savings accounts with the highest interest rates?

Or should you trust those experts and invest more? Do they give such advice because they are in the business of selling unit trusts? Isn’t it a little suspicious that they almost never advise people to cash out?

Quoting from Chua Mui Hoong’s article in today’s Sunday Times (granted, she’s no expert, but I think what she said here makes sense):

“… A rising market is a good time to sell your property, not buy. Let the suckers buy in at such prices. Let others take the risk, not you. Some savvy financial people are cashing out to take advantage of rising asset prices and holding cash, ready to swoop in on undervalued assets at the first sign of a shift in market sentiment.”


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