Bank executives work long hours


According to a survey by, the well known “financial job marketplace” portal, Singapore bank executives work the longest number of hours.

As reported in the Straits Times, 44% of our bankers work more than 55 hours a week, with Hong Kong and UK not too far behind at 43% and 41% respectively.

The global average is 38.5%.

As for bank executives working less than 35 hours a week, the global average is 7%. We are not too bad at 4%. Hong Kong is perhaps a little better at 8.6%.

The reason for our bankers working so hard is quite apparent:

“… with fat pay cheques, bumper bonuses and career advancement opportunities, local bank executives do not seem to mind the long hours.”

Would you?


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  1. Bankers put in an upwards of 100+ hours a week. If you count the number of hours analysts work, they are paid minimum wage by US standards. Better off working in McD.

  2. peanuts: your calculations are way off. Even if McD pays US$10/hr, that’s US$1k+ per week, which is no where near the US$100k pa these slogging analysts are getting.

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