$25,000 a month in real estate


I can foresee many more people signing up to become property agents, after the Sunday Times showcased a few hotshots.

In the examples cited in the Sunday Times article, one agent earns “between $10,000 and $15,000 a month”, another makes “about $20,000 a month”, and yet another takes home “about $25,000 a month.”

As a comparison, the 75th-percentile specialised surgeon only makes $22,821 a month (and already ranked first in our top 100 jobs in Singapore).

If there are failures in real estate, it’s never quite so apparent, although the article did mention that one agent temporarily gave up such work when her income went below $5,000.

So let’s all become property agents tomorrow!


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  1. Hahaha….

    Well again news creating waves…how many agents in reality can achieve those hotshots level of achievement. Many of those I knew personally as uni-mates are barely coping with quota to meet every month.

    Sometimes, we should do some deep thinking before believing what the news inform us. My 20 cents thought.

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