Diploma holders – your Income is just two-thirds of Degree holders

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Diploma holders – your Income is just two-thirds of Degree holders

February 5th, 2008


Following the previous post on degree holders’ income, we now look at the income of diploma holders.

The following are the numbers for diploma holders, also from the same MOM report on the labour force:

Median Gross Monthly Income for Diploma Holders

  • Age group 25-29: $2,170 (males $2,170)
  • Age group 30-39: $3,060 (males $3,250)
  • Age group 40-49: $4,000 (males $4,330)
  • Age group 50-59: $4,330 (males $4,500)
  • Age 60 & above: $3,930 (males $3,250)

Notice that these numbers are just two-thirds (or lower) of those for degree holders. See previous post.

Reference: Report on Labour Force in Singapore 2007, Ministry of Manpower.

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23 Responses to “Diploma holders – your Income is just two-thirds of Degree holders”

  1. Cowboy Caleb – Singapore Diploma Holders Get Only 2/3 Of Degree Pay Says:

    [...] Singapore Diploma Holders Get Only 2/3 Of Degree Pay – sad but true. Which is why I always tell poly diploma holders to hurry the f87k up and study part-time for their degrees while working. [...]

  2. idsoftware Says:

    ROFL IM A DIP AND I AM EARNING 5-10k a month

  3. Al Says:

    Wow congrats to you. But not everybody can be like you.

    I think the correct way to look at this is:

    Education is only education. It’s just acquiring the know-how.

    Education does not make you rich. Hard Work and Luck (yes this is a very impt factor, just ask Paris Hilton) makes you rich.

    That way we can stop wasting time griping about pay and everything. Cos the truth is: You won’t even know if you would live past tomorrow, why be so concerned about whether you will get rich or not?

  4. Creative Says:

    Sim Wong Hoo is also a dip holder and he’s a multi-millionaire.
    But we’re talking about all dip holders in general. I think the article is right in saying dip holders generally earn less than uni grads. Whether it’s 33% or 50% less is another matter.

  5. WTH Says:

    What’s wrong with earning 2/3 of degree holders? You cannot have a country of managers and professional engineers. Who’s gonna assist them then? Some people are just happy to earn 2/3 of degree holders. I say it’s all up to individuals what they want.

  6. SmartTrader Says:

    It is true everywhere that the higher the education , the bigger the average salary (note that it is average). What is even more important is that when degree holders move up the corporate ladder, the gap is even bigger, this is apparent in the same tables cited in this blog. Degree holders earn about $7-8K when they are aged above 40, diploma holders about $4K, a difference of almost 50% !!

  7. hmm Says:

    anyone has the stats for A level holders? it seems like A level holders is even rated lower than diploma holders.

  8. underpaid Says:

    Oh dear…I’m seriously underpaid..I’m earning less than $2000 after working for 6 years.. :(

  9. Superman Says:

    It would depends on the mindset.

    I am a dip also but i never put myself down nor think that i am inferior in terms of pay package against degree holder.

    I am 27 and i am drawing 4.8K a month

  10. Superman Says:

    For those who is thinking i must be in sales line, i am not btw. My pay is fixed every month =)

  11. Z Says:

    You are very well paid Superman! May I know what you are doing? I am a fresh grad and I do not know which industry is well paid. Someone offered me $2000 per month. Is that acceptable or it’s way too low for a Degree holder?

  12. lowpaid worker Says:

    My basic is only $2100 after working for close to 4 years :(

    Need to put in more effort and hardwork by doing OTs….then can juz hit $3000 monthly…
    no OT = eat grass :(

  13. lowpaid worker Says:

    btw, im working 12 hr shift work….
    im now studying part-time degree….but those not recongised one i tihnk…..feel that im wasting money…

  14. Lowpay Says:

    Superman, you are earning my ideal wage.

    Which line are you in? Hopefully you can advise me or give us some tips how to get such high pay job.

  15. patel Says:

    i drawing 35 k per month after 7 years of experience . i think its good enough.

  16. Poor but surviving Says:

    patel wat do u do?

  17. patel's pimpdaddy Says:

    Patel is selling his backside at Desker Road. I am earning 100k per month from being his pimp.

  18. mischa Says:

    Apply for a position in an MNC, you’ll most likely get paid pretty high. Well from my experience at least…

  19. mischa Says:

    i started off with an entry-level job (not holding a diploma yet) & ive drawn 2k + few months bonus

  20. dd Says:

    then what sense does it make for diploma holders to study in polytechnics? when people with lower qualifications can actually hit 1.8k or 2k plus? diploma holders may be under-paid to earn 2k, or what was mentioned, 1.9k by another person?
    i thought the o level qualifications market rate is 1.5k according to the careers talk 2010? by cats classified?

  21. kumarappan Says:

    i am now only finished BE fresher in electrical engineer …….with part time exp as 3 years in plumbing and electrical field …….wht about my salary ranges

  22. Patrick Says:

    Companies want to see how much value their staff can bring to their company, so it is how well you can perform that matters. I do know of companies especially those who are run HR manager who just wants to look good with their boss and clamped down on the salary of people who can work. If you are in such a company, just resign and job hop….it is not worth it! I’ve worked for a MNC and my manager applied for my salary adjustment and the HR manager rejected her application because I’m bonded, thus I simply resigned after my bond.

  23. Patrick Says:

    I met a 50 plus single lady who has got all her papers. She worked hard, save her money to study and get all the papers. She was even a CPA, and because of her age, company pays her $1800….less than the salary of many fresh graduate…..

    You can get all the papers, but when age catches up, nobody wants you…..

    So it is better not to work for people and start your own business….even if business fail, try again….at least at the end of the day, you call the short instead of simply becoming another person’s slaves; and get discarded when they think you are old and useless….

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